Super Bowl 52 betting tips – New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles – 04-02-2018

Will Nick Foles turn out to be a one hit wonder?

It is the game we have all been waiting for since the season debuted with Patriots – Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. One of those two teams is present once more here in Minneapolis. There are going to be a lot of festivities surrounding this event, but the kick off is set at 00:30 CET.

  • New England Patriots vs Philadelphia EaglesAgainst all odds, the Philadelphia Eagles got all the way to the Super Bowl even without Carson Wentz. Nick Foles has been doing a tremendous job throughout this playoff. It would be the perfect end to a real “Cinderella” story if
    the Eagles claim their first Super Bowl title in this era.
  • If there is one thing that Foles proved is that he has a very strong throwing hand and he can easily throw for over 30. He has received plenty of flags for pass interception (over 16 yards) against the Atlanta Falcons and I see it occurring in this Super Bowl as well.
  • My final mention regarding these Eagles is that they have plenty of will power and motivation. Their defense is going to be locked in and their running game is bound to be something special. LeGarette Blount is coming fresh off of winning the Super Bowl last year with the Patriots and he will definitely play more aggressively against them in the End Zone to prove a point that he was not supposed to be cut.

Prediction: LeGarette Blount to score TD, odds 3.60 (5 units)

Prediction: Longest penalty over 15.5 yards, odds 1.90 (7.5 units)

Prediction: Field Goal scored in the 4th quarter, odds 1.53 (10 units)

  • New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles“Never bet against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in what could be their last Super Bowl” – that is a quote from a recent sports betting book I read from Pat Hagerty. I tend to agree with his opinion considering how well these two have fared so far and how they want to build their legacy even further.
  • Danny Amendola is a vital part of the Patriots success in the playoffs these past seasons. He steps up his game when he is needed the most and he is there to receive Brady’s important throw into the End Zone. This postseason, he registered 7, respectively 11 receptions. He secured 2 TD’s against the Jaguars to get the Patriots to Minneapolis and he will be targeted a lot in this match by TB12.
  • Interesting split odds regarding the last bet. If the Eagles win the coin toss, the Patriots are definitely going to receive. If the New England team wins the coin toss, they tend to make an offensive statement in past Super Bowls and this might be the case here as well, reason why this could turn out to be a value bet.

Prediction: Danny Amendola to score TD, odds 3.25 (5 units)

Prediction: Danny Amendola over 4.5 receptions & Patriots to win, odds 2.60 (8 units)

Prediction: New England Patriots to receive the kickoff, odds 1.90 (7 units)

New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles










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