NFL predictions – Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings – NFC Championship Game

Will the Minnesota Vikings make “home” Super Bowl?

The NFC Championship game that is set to kick off at 00:40 CET has all the salt and pepper needed and then some. The Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings clash is going to one for the ages, regardless of the winner of this match-up.

Philadelphia Eagles (#1) Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings (#2)Minnesota Vikings

(Most recent H2H result: 21-10)

  • I would like to reference the season for both teams through a poker sequence. Until Week 13, when Carson Wentz got injured, the Eagles looked like riding a pair of Aces very comfortable. As for the Minnesota Vikings, they knew that with the tournament finale set in their “backyard”, they were going “all in or bust”, regardless of their dealt hand. Luckily for them, after Sam Bradford’s injury, Case Keenum happened and they somehow received a pair of Kings.
  • Carson Wentz’ injury proved out to be a “K” on the Turn for the Minnesota Vikings and now they are the big favorites to wrap this hand. Nick Foles looks vulnerable and dependent on favorable referee decisions and the Eagles rushing game. That will unlikely happen again on Sunday night against a highly motivated Minnesota Vikings team that won “on the River” against the New Orleans Saints in a previous match-up.
  • The Vikings are going to hunt down the Philadelphia Eagles, with Stefon Diggs and Latavius Murray being their trump cards. The River is going to be a steady and boring one, without any palpitations for the Minnesota Vikings and no Ace is going to show up for the Philly team. Minnesota is heading back to their home town to host the Super Bowl for the first time in history! 

Prediction: Minnesota Vikings ML, odds 1.67

Stake: 10 units

Secondary pick: LeGarrette Blount (PHI) to score a TD, odds 4.50

Stake: 4 units

Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings










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