Esports tips: Gambit vs SK – ELEAGUE Major

As we approach the play-offs, from the Round 4 High Matches bracket, Gambit vs SK look to be the most unbalanced game.

Gambit vs SK Gambit’s Adren said in an interview that they are not nervous playing SK as even if they lose they are not eliminated. Although Gambit had some good games they’ve had some shaky games aswell. They are in a really good position at the moment, but tactically they still have some issues. They were so far in front, 13-2 against Space Soldiers, and they let them catch up and could had lost that game. Going up gainst SK is a whole different story. Fallen will take advantage if u can’t close the game, they will probably not allow them to get to that kind of lead anyway.  If you look at the firepower, Gambit definetly got it, Adren has been able to frag quite happily with dosia on the in game leading role. Gambit need to bring their absolute A-game, no mistakes, no chance to let a lead slip.

SGambit vs SKK, one of the best teams in the world playing with felps, lost their derby match yesterday against FaZe Clan (12:16). Guardian outplayed the brazilians in many situations and gave his team the upper hand. Today SK only has in mind to qualify early for the play-off and although Gambit is a tough opponent, they shouldn’t be able to hold SK down. Their in-game leading is far superior and even though Gambit played more matches in the last months, SK still has the experience to deal with any tough situation.


In conclusion, Gambit vs SK looks to be an interesting match as both teams want to secure their play-off spot.


          Prediction: SK gaming to win @1.42

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